In a great soul, everything is great.

Iwas born in Ivory Coast on September 2, 1985. I peacefully grew up there throughout my childhood and adolescence, surrounded by my six siblings. When I turned 17 years old, it started to be less peaceful. Indeed eversince that day, I never stopped growing. I now measure 7ft7. That makes me one of the ten tallest men in the world.

I have been in France for 2 years to begin a career in show business, taking advantage of my long reach to open some doors.

Since then I was able to be noticed in the Parc Saint Paul in Beauvais where I perform all year round as well as appear in television shows, photo shoots and at several events such as the « la Tête dans les Étoiles – Grand et Fier de l’Être » which brought together the tallest men in the world.

I want to show the world who I am and prove to them that my singularity is a strength.


What are they saying about me?

Abdramane 10 is one of the tallest men in the world and is also the nicest.”

Gilles Campion - Parc Saint Paul,

Measuring less than 20 cm below the tallest man in the world, he is part of the modern giants.”

TTM - www.thetallestman.com,

Personable. A doe eyes and a size breathtaking.”

Gregory Bohnenblust - photographer,